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Santana Salazar Entertainment was founded in 2012 and is a premier entertainment company located in the Washington D.C area. Our pledged mission is to provide patrons with memorable and quality events and event management as we spread Caribbean culture through out the region. We utilize the finest venues with a mixture of the hottest DJ's and entertainers from around the globe.



Santana Salazar & Friends is a Non-Profit organization based in Trinidad and Tobago with an office in the United Stated. We are dedicated to helping the less privileged and the destitute by touching their lives in many ways from counseling to providing meals. Our vision statement reads: “Our vision is for every child to live life in all its fullness and get the opportunity to successfully gain an education so they can succeed in life." Santana Salazar & Friends raises funds by hosting events and contributions from our organization members which allows us to sustain our mission.


Santana Salazar Entertainment collaborates with different organizations that share the same common interest regarding spreading Caribbean art, culture, comedy, music and food to communities all over the world. Some of the organizations are listed below.


If you are committed to having your brand stand out above the rest in a niche market, we would love to partner with you. Contact us to explore partnership and sponsorship opportunities.  

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